Databases A-Z

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Databases are searchable collections of information--some are very broad in nature, while others are for specific subjects.

What kind of information can I find in databases?  It depends on the database.  Most databases help you find articles published in scholarly journals, magazines, and newspapers.  Some databases help you find primary sources, while others help you find books, technical standards, media sources, and more.  Some databases help you discover information from any of these sources.

What's an example of a database?  JSTOR, Web of Science and ProQuest are a few examples of big databases. Some databases cover many different areas, while some, like "GenderWatch" only cover specific issues. Tisch Library provides access to over 700 different databases.

What database(s) should I use?  For more in depth recommendations, see Research Guides to help make a selection.

Can I see a list of databases?  Use the Database A-Z list above.

Can I look for a single database?  Use the library catalog to find any database you need to use or locate it using the Database A-Z list.




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