Printers, scanners, and copiers

Printers and copiers

At Tisch Library

You can find self-service printers (color and black & white) on Level 2 (the main level) and on Level 1 at the base of the main stairwell.

You can find self-service copiers (black & white) on Level 2, near the information desk near the entrance.

At Lilly Music Library

Lilly has one self-service copier (in the stacks room) and one black & white printer (adjacent to the main desk).


All printers and copiers accept JumboCash.

If you don’t have a JumboCash card, you can purchase a guest print card in the Copier Room adjacent to the information desk in Tisch Library. Insert a $1 bill into the machine to purchase print a card. Insert additional cash to add funds to the card. Please bring singles, as the JumboCash machine does not give back change and there is no place in the library to get change.

Cost to print/copy

Black & white:

  • 15 cents for two-sided copies (default)
  • 10 cents for one-sided copies


  • 45 cents for two-sided copies (default)
  • 30 cents for one-sided copies

How to print

For instructions on printing from library computer stations, laptops, and smart phones, visit our page on how to print.


You can find self-service scanners on Level 2 of Tisch near the information desk, and on Level 1 at the base of the main stairwell. You can also find a scanner at Lilly Music Library.

Scanning is free! You can save scans as PDF, Word, JPEG, or HTML files. You can email scanned files to yourself, or upload files to a USB drive or Google Drive. If you'd like to print what you've scanned, you do have to pay for printing. See above. Additionally, at Tisch Library, you can scan files and print them from the color printer as an alternative to color copying.

Tisch also offers digitization services for scholarly material needed for teaching or research. Find out more about our scanning services.