New to the library?

We at the Tisch, Music, and SMFA Libraries want to welcome you to the Tufts community. On this page we'll introduce ourselves and let you know about some of the things you can do while you're here. The libraries at Tufts are safe places for you to study, learn, create, and innovate- we can't wait to meet you! 

If you have questions for us, please don't hesitate to call, chat with us, or send us an email

About Tisch Library & its branches

Tisch Library has three branches, all of which you are welcome to visit: 

  • Our main branch, the Tisch Library, is located at 35 Professors Row. Along with our collections and staff, you will find study areas, classrooms (located on Level 3 of the library), and many other spaces and services.
  • The Lilly Music Library, located on the Medford Campus on the lower level of the Granoff Music Center. The Music Library houses specialized collections, including music, music scores, and scholarship about music and related topics.
  • The SMFA W Van Alan Clark Library, located at the SMFA at 230 The Fenway in Boston. The SMFA Library houses specialized collections, including artist books, zines, and more.

Learn more about our locations at Tisch.

Take a Virtual Tour of Tisch Library and get to know our services, collections, branch libraries, and building affiliates.

Our collections

As a member of the Tufts community, you can borrow and get online access to all sorts of resources, some of which you'll find physically in the library and others that are fully available online. These resources include things like course materials and textbooks, films (DVDs and streaming online), newspaper articles, journal articles, books, and so much more! Learn more about what we have.

In addition to more traditional materials, you can also borrow technology and equipment from the libraries. This includes things like audio recording kits, laptops, phone chargers, sewing machines, and much more! Learn more about the equipment and technology you can borrow.


There are a few steps you should follow to borrow materials from the libraries:

  1. Start by looking up the material in JumboSearch. You can search by title, author, or subject! See our tutorials for more in-depth directions on how to find materials at the libraries.
  2. Once you've found an item you want to borrow, you will need its call number. A call number is the item's "address" on the shelf. You will need it to find your material when you come to the library.
  3. Once you have identified the call number and library location (the item you want might not be at Tisch, so double check where it's located), come to the library to find it. Use our library floorplans to find out exactly where your material is located within the library. We can also deliver items between campuses, if the material you want is too far away.
  4. After you've retrieved the item, bring it to the front desk at the library along with your Tufts ID. This is where we will "check out" the book under your name and you'll be able to keep it for a specified period of time. Learn more about borrowing at Tisch, Music and SMFA libraries.

Course reserves and textbooks

You can find course materials and textbooks at the front desk of the Tisch, Music, and SMFA libraries. We loan them out for a shorter period of time than other books to ensure that everyone has a chance to use them. Just let the staff member at the desk know the class and the name of the book or other material you're looking for. 

Many professors work with the libraries to ensure that materials for courses are freely available to borrow. If you're not sure whether materials for your course are available, check your syllabus, your Canvas reading list, or with your professor to identify which textbooks or other resources are available at the library. You can also search for course materials in JumboSearch. Learn more about textbooks and course reserves at the libraries.

Studying in the library

Tisch Library has a variety of more and less quiet spaces where you can study, with plenty of tables, soft seating, and carrels. We also have group study rooms, which are reservable through the Tufts reservation system. Learn more about studying in the library.

Use our floorplans to find out where the nearest elevators, restrooms (including gender-neutral restrooms), water fountains, and books are.

Research support

Staff at the Tisch, Music and SMFA libraries are here to support and assist you as you conduct research and complete your coursework at Tufts. We can't overstate this enough: we are here to help you, so please reach out if you have any questions! Our staff members have expertise in a variety of areas, including: finding information and data, organizing your research materials, sharing your research and scholarship, creating multimedia projects, and more! See our list of helpful resources for getting started with your research.

If you're working on a specialized research project, see our Connect with a librarian page to find out who has expertise in your area or discipline, and feel free to reach out to them!

If you're not sure who to ask, use our chat or email service and we will make sure to direct your question to the right place if we can't answer it on the spot.