For instructors: put material on reserve

Canvas Reading List

Course reserves can be managed through the Canvas Reading List Tool.

The Canvas Reading List Tool:

  • Allows you to search the library catalog within Canvas, where you can add books and electronic resources to your Reading List with the click of a button.
  • Automatically notifies the library when a physical item is added to your list and needs to be pulled and placed in the reserves section.
  • Can be quickly accessed by students, who see all materials in one place, and can mark items as read to keep track of their progress.

Step-by-step instructions for creating your Reading List are available, as well as a video tutorial.

No-cost course materials

You can also add links to no-cost course materials and open educational resources to the Reading List. Tisch offers a variety of services to support using no-cost course materials, including:

  • assisting in locating materials that are free for students to use
  • providing financial support for the time required to create or incorporate no-cost material into a syllabus
  • visiting your department or hosting a workshop to talk about using & creating these materials

Find out more about our services or submit our contact form to get in touch.

Films and streaming video

See notice of changes for fall 2023.

To request streaming video for your Canvas course site, please make your request via email at:

Where possible, we will license a streaming version of the requested film or video from vendors like Kanopy, Swank or Docuseek. If a streaming version is not available, we will digitize the smallest required amount to meet the instructor’s stated pedagogical needs. Media digitization guidelines are as follows:

  • The amount of the film requested should be only what is needed for the educational purpose of the course.
  • If a specific portion of a film is requested, please supply the start and end timestamps in the h:mm:ss format.
  • Faculty are asked to perform a fair use assessment of their digitization requests. Fair use arguments are stronger when the amount needed is limited, when the context of the use is in a non-profit, educational setting, when there will be comment and critique of the material, and when there is no reasonable alternate market to gain access to the resource. Learn more about fair use.
  • Titles will be uploaded to your Canvas course site and will only be available to students enrolled in the class for the current semester. At the end of the current semester all links for films/music uploaded to your Canvas course will no longer be active.

Requests or assistance

If you need more assistance or would like an in-person demonstration of the Canvas Reading List tool, please contact:

For assistance with your Canvas site, contact

How to use the Canvas Reading List tool