Overdue and lost items

Tisch Library, Lilly Music Library, and the SMFA Library charge fines for some overdue items, and fees for items that are lost or damaged and need to be replaced.

Viewing your fines & fees

Log in to your account here to view your account information, including fines.

When fines are charged

Fines are charged for overdue reserve materials, overdue equipment, recalled items, and lost items. 

Fines for overdue reserves and equipment will appear on your account 3 days after the due date.

Fines for other overdue items will appear on your account 28 days after the due date.

You are responsible for any fines on items checked out to your library account. It is not recommended that you borrow materials for someone else.

Pay your library fines

You can pay your fines online here for Tisch Library, Lilly Music Library, or the SMFA Library.

You can also pay your fines with Jumbo cash at the Tisch Library Main Desk.

Frequently asked Questions

I think I returned an item that still appears on my account.

If you believe you have been fined in error, please contact the library where you borrowed the item so that we can search for it:

If the item is found, the fine will be removed from your account.

What do I do if I lost or damaged an item?

It happens sometimes. You may have the option to buy a new replacement item if an appropriate one is available, or to pay the lost item fee. Please contact the library from which you borrowed the item to talk it over before purchasing replacements.

Why do I have a “Lost Item Bill” on my account?

If an item is overdue for too long, you’ll see a “lost item” fine on your account.

The standard lost item fine is $103. The cost for equipment and some special books may differ.

You may be able to provide a replacement copy, instead of paying the fine, if an appropriate replacement is available.

How do I purchase a replacement copy?

Please contact the library where you borrowed the item to discuss purchasing a replacement. The replacement copy should have the same ISBN as the one that was lost. The book should be in good condition, free of highlighting, writing, or any tearing.

Why can’t I check things out?

If you have more than $100 of fines on your account, you won’t be able to borrow items.

What if I find an item after I get fined?

If the item is returned within 3 months of its due date, the fine will be removed from your account.

Why did I get a bill from the Bursar?

If more than 3 months have passed after an item was due, and you haven’t returned it, paid the fine, or provided a replacement copy, you’ll receive a bill from the Bursar.

After the bill is sent to the Bursar, you have an additional 3 months to return or replace the item. Your Bursar account will then be credited accordingly. Please work with a library representative at the Tisch Library, Lilly Music Library or the SMFA main desk. 

If more than 6 months total have passed since the item was due, your account will not be credited.

Note: The Bursar cannot issue refunds for materials borrowed from other libraries through Interlibrary Loan.

For further assistance related to fines and billing, please contact the library or libraries where you checked out the item(s):