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About reservations

Tisch Library has a variety of group study and wellness rooms available for reservation through Reserve Tufts. The library also has open spaces filled with various seating options for taking a break or getting your work done. 

Group Study Rooms

To reserve a group study room, see available technology, or find information about room capacity, log in at Reserve Tufts.

Reservations are limited to three hours per student per day; one hour is the minimum reservation.

Group study rooms that are available to book are:

  • Level 1: 105, 106, 107, 123 (A, B, C + D)
  • Level 2 (main): 204, 214 (A, B), 218 (A, B, C + D), 220 (A, B)

Lactation Room (Tisch 104)

Tufts University is committed to supporting and meeting the needs of nursing individuals returning to work, school, or visiting the campus. Any nursing individual who is a member of the Tufts community (faculty, staff, students, patients, visitors, third parties or community members) can use the lactation rooms. Faculty and staff are entitled to reasonable breaks to express breast milk as well as the sufficient time to get to the lactation room.

The lactation rooms offer privacy, cleanliness and comfort. Each room has a comfortable chair, a table or desk, and sufficient electrical outlets near the chair. Each nursing individual must provide their own pump. Although refrigerators are not provided in each room, OEO will assist you in locating a refrigerator within your department or workstation to store the milk. Nursing individuals must provide adequate storage containers and proper labeling. They may also bring their own small cooler to store the breast milk.

All lactation room users are expected to tidy up after each use. Please allow adequate time for cleanup and trash disposal within each visit.

More information

Reserve this room via Reserve Tufts

Sensory Room (Tisch 104A)

The Sensory Room is intended to provide a safe, non-threatening environment to calm or stimulate individuals through each of the senses. It is designed for, but not limited to, users who are sensitive to sensory input.

This space is designated for individuals to interact with an array of multisensory experiences. The Sensory Room is a low-stress environment for all individuals to work through their emotions, explore their senses, develop coping strategies, and/or meditate. This space is accessible to individuals of all ages and abilities.

Thank you to the StAAR Center, Crehan Lab, and Tufts Diverse Minds for their support of this space.

Reserve this room via Reserve Tufts

Telehealth Room (Tisch313)

Tisch 313 is a Telehealth Room intended to provide a private and quiet space for telehealth appointments. It is equipped with two noise cancelling machines and a door hanger "do not disturb" sign. Please do not reserve this room for studying or meetings.

Thank you to Tufts Counseling and Mental Health Service for their support of this space.

Reserve this room via Reserve Tufts


Frequently asked questions

Can one person use a study room?

At this time, the answer is yes.

How far in advance can I make a reservation?

Reservations may be made up to one year in advance.

What if the group is late to their reservation?

Reservations may be canceled if you have not arrived by 15 minutes after the start of the reservation.

How do I reserve a room?

To reserve a room, please go to Reserve Tufts and log in with your Tufts username and password. Once a reservation is made, you will receive a confirmation email.

What if someone is in the room and I have a reservation?

If someone is occupying a room that you have a confirmed reservation for, politely inform them that you have a reservation. If there is an issue, please ask for assistance at the Main Desk of the Library.

I don't need the reservation I made. What should I do?

Tisch has a very limited number of rooms, so please only reserve a room if you intend to use it. If you find you do not need a reservation, please be courteous and cancel the reservation using the room scheduling site. Students are expected to leave the room in the condition it was found. Please remove all trash, erase all boards and return the furniture to its original location.