Help With Citations

If you have questions about citation styles or software, please ask us

While we can't format all of your citations for you or proofread your whole bibliography, we're happy to help you in the following ways:

  • Help recommend a citation style (eg. Chicago, MLA, etc.)
  • Advise on tricky citations and give examples
  • Introduce citation software individually or to a class
  • Help you troubleshoot citation software

Common Citation Styles 

Different academic disciplines have created specific style guidelines for citing sources, both throughout a text and as a bibliography. Some examples of common citation styles include: MLA (the Modern Language Association), Chicago (the University of Chicago), and APA (the American Psychological Association). Learn more about the most common citation styles & when to use them, and find self-help guides here.

Citation Generators & Software

Make citation formatting easier! Many databases (including JumboSearch and Google Scholar) come with built-in citation buttons that provide formatted citations in a few major styles. The libraries also support a variety of citation software options, which are robust tools allowing you to collect, organize, and cite all of your sources. Learn more about the many ways you can automatically format your citations.

Prevent link rot in your citations

Tufts is a partner. Use Perma links to create archived versions of websites you cite in your work, especially in work that will be published, ensuring access for future readers. Find out more about