Find a specific article or journal

If you have a citation for an article that you'd like to find, or you land on an article online that's asking you to pay, Tufts Libraries can help you access it.

Find a specific article

  • If you know the article's title, you can type or copy/paste it into JumboSearch to see if we have access to it electronically.
  • If you have the article's DOI or PMID, you can enter into this link resolver tool to get direct access to a complete online copy or PDF. Note: if you're not connected to the Tufts VPN, you will need to search for Tufts University and log in to get access to the full article.
  • If you don't see the article you're looking for in your JumboSearch results, it's possible we have the article in print or that we have electronic access, but individual article title information hasn't been indexed in JumboSearch. Follow the instructions below to look up the title of the journal, magazine, or newspaper in which the article was published and check the format(s) and dates of coverage available through the libraries.
    • If you find a record for electronic access to a journal, check to see if the dates include your article. If so, you can search for your article directly within the database that provides access to the journal.
    • If you find a record of the journal in print, you can follow the directions below to find the journal in the library or request a scan of an article via our Scan & Deliver service.

Find a specific journal, magazine, or newspaper

  • If you want to see whether the libraries subscribe to a particular journal, you can look it up by title or ISBN using the Journal Search feature in JumboSearch. We may subscribe to a journal in print or electronic format or both, as you can see below:

Jumbosearch display of print and online versions of the journal PNAS

  • For print journal access, use the call number and the location given in JumboSearch. Print journals (including Bound Periodicals) are on Level G of Tisch Library (two levels down from the main entrance).
  • When looking at e-journals, you may see several links to choose from for access. Notice the coverage dates listed for each, then use the one with the date range you need (as seen below).

Options available for accessing an online journal, with different dates of coverage.

Use the Check Tufts Libraries bookmarklet

Don't pay for articles, book chapters, or ebooks you find online! Instead, use the Check Tufts Libraries bookmarklet to check with one click if you can access it for free through Tufts' library subscriptions. Read more about how to create and use the bookmarklet.

If you can't find a journal or article in JumboSearch