Circulating Media Equipment


Tisch Library offers patrons who have a Tufts ID the opportunity to check circulating media equipment from the front circulation desk. 

An assortment of equipment items, including cameras, lenses, batteries and packaging.


Our goal with the circulating media equipment service is to expand and enhance the technology patrons have access to for engaging in media production. We aim to meet the needs of a range of use cases, from recording an event to deep engagement in digital scholarship projects through focused workshops and courses. 

This process has been a cross-departmental effort between Digital Scholarship and Frontline Services with vital support from Library Technical Services and Metadata Services. By having Digital Scholarship and Frontline Services collaboratively take the lead on this service, we merge our skills in customer service with the technical and hands-on expertise of media makers to ensure a great experience for all those using the equipment. A major part of the purchasing process involved re-thinking how we package the equipment. Rather than requiring patrons to check-out items individually (e.g. audio recorder, headphones, SD card reader), we opted to create kits with all the equipment we think you need to have a successful experience in one bag. 

Checkout Process

There are two ways Tufts ID holders can check out media equipment:

Regardless of how you choose to get equipment, you need to sign the Media Equipment Policy form once per academic year.

You can browse our new media equipment collection on our website under What we have > Equipment. Or just swing by the front desk of Tisch and ask to see our Equipment Look Book.


We have two upcoming Unboxing events, one on September 24 and the other on October 8 from 3:004:30 p.m. in the Digital Design Studio. Stations with microphones, audio recorders, video cameras, and photo cameras will be set up, and you'll be guided through a series of simple prompts to gain basic familiarity with the gear that’s available for checkout. Space is limited so make sure to register!

We will be hosting more events this academic year so check back on the Upcoming Workshops page for new programming year round.


For onsite support, you can stop by the Digital Design Studio on the third floor, room 303.  Staff offices are located in room 301 and Studio Assistants are available in room 303. You can also checkout our online tutorials for self guided learning.

If you have questions about our media equipment or recommendations for programming you'd like to see using this gear, don't hesitate to reach out! You can contact Kimberly Forero-Arnias with ideas, feedback, or questions!