Kimberly Forero-Arnías

White skin person with short brown hair, wearing glasses and a blue top with green blurred foliage in background
Job Title
Senior Digital Media Specialist
Phone number
Digital Scholarship
Digital Design Studio
Service or focus
Audio & video production
How can I help you?

In my role as a Digital Media Specialist in the Digital Scholarship department at Tufts, I connect and empower students and faculty to engage with media across disciplines as a means to consider new questions and gain insight through cross-disciplinary conversations. I have developed and cultivated my critical making skills as an artist and my pedagogy skills as a staff member looking for ways to build engagement in creativity outside of classroom spaces. Working within a library for the past 5 years has helped connect the dots for my interests in making as a form of research that can be shared and uplifted alongside textual scholarship. In my goal to bring out the ways in which media and design shape how we come to know the world I’m always looking to make new connections.

I can help answer questions related to making projects that use video and/or audio.  Questions could range from support for a media project your working on in a class to a personal project you've wanted to develop but don't know where to start.  I can also help faculty interested in integrating media projects into their syllabus or tweaking projects already integrated into a course. I also manage the circulating media equipment at Tisch and can answer any questions you have related to checking out or using our media equipment.

Feel free to add a meeting on my calendar to chat!