Streaming media service FAQ

Beginning Fall 2023, Tisch Library has ceased digitizing DVDs and CDs to be hosted in Canvas. For those films or other audio-visual works that we previously would have digitized from a DVD or CD and are not available through a licensed streaming platform such as Kanopy or Swank, we will make a DVD or CD copy available on physical reserve at the library and post the information to the Reading List tool in Canvas. (Full announcement)

Please see the FAQ below for more details.

In addition, you can connect with your liaison librarian or the with questions. Send comments or concerns to Assistant Director, Research & Learning, Martha Kelehan (   

We know more about how other institutions are weighing copyright considerations and needed to adjust our processes to be more in line with common practice across our community.

Yes, all of your films or other audio-visual works should be available either through a licensed streaming platform, or owned by Tufts on DVD or CD. You may need to use a DVD copy and arrange an in-person screening, or place it on Reserve for your students to view on their own. 

  • Consider requesting an optional recitation if you have a high-enrollment class or require 1+ films per week.  

Tisch Library has DVD players that you can borrow from the front desk. 

Commercial streaming video providers are set up for individual accounts only.  Institutional accounts are not offered to libraries or other academic institutions, so it is not possible for the library to license films only available via platforms like Netflix, HBO, Hulu, etc.