Do you have books, photos, or other media that you’d like to digitize for use in your teaching or research? Tisch can help! We offer both scanning services and options for do-it-yourself scanning.

Note that if you need a scan of a book chapter or article in Tisch's collections, you can request that via our Scan & Deliver service. This page refers to scanning projects that are bigger, in a different medium, or not from Tisch's collections.

Scanning services for digitizing a book from our collection or some of your own material

Tisch has scanning services available for out-of-copyright books, or for scholarly material that you hold copyright to and can grant permission to make a copy of openly available. 

Because our goal is to increase open access to scholarship, we can only offer digitization for material that can be made available through the Tufts Digital Library or the Internet Archive once scanned. 

Get in touch with us to talk about the details of your project and how we can support it, or with any questions about copyright and what can be made openly available. You can also visit our copyright page or check out Cornell University's chart of Copyright Term and the Public Domain in the United States.

Self-service digitization

If you'd like to digitize your own material, visit our Digital Design Studio. Their Digitization Station has an Epson scanner, Sony Digital 8 videocassette recorder, Canopus digital video converter, VHS player, cassette player, and vinyl record player, plus software for editing digital files.

Quick scans 

If you just need a quick scan of something, use one of our self-service flatbed scanning stations located on each floor of Tisch

Scanning material for Canvas

If you're looking for information about scanning material to put into Canvas, find out more on our course reserves page.