Large format printing

Large format printer and poster tubes in front of yellow wall

Large-Format Printing at the DDS

Large-format printing is available to all members of the Tufts community, by appointment with the Digital Design Studio (DDS) in Tisch Library. The DDS is an educational space for critically engaging with media, which includes being able to print posters and other student design projects. Our service is oriented towards academic conference posters and other large-format printing projects for students, and our printer is suitable for posters, signage, photographs, and similar projects.

We are not a print shop, and our service has specific limitations and abilities:

  • Printing many copies of flyers, handouts, and posters will be cheaper and more feasible elsewhere (and you'll probably want a laserjet printer, not inkjet).

  • We cannot print double-sided (books, magazines, pamphlets, and the like). But we're happy to help you with the design of these items!

  • Our printer is 44 inches wide, so at least one side of your print must be 44 inches or shorter. All prints are on 44 inch wide paper; patrons may need to trim some excess white space after printing.

  • Our print management software will optimize space and minimize cost when printing multiple files—you do not need to consolidate multiple files into a single document. Our print management software can also easily resize files (note: scaling up images may result in pixelated prints).

  • We can only print PDF, JPG, and TIFF files

  • We offer two paper types, Epson enhanced matte paper (no shine) and Epson premium luster paper (some shine). Our paper is about as thick as cardstock.

For community members with needs for which our service was not designed, we suggest alternate services: Tufts Print Copy Services can accept online orders for a wide range of printing needs, from brochures and business cards to large-format prints, and can send them to you via campus mail; the Advanced Production Lab at the SMFA has fine art printers that can print on a wider variety of papers up to 60 inches. There are also local non-Tufts vendors that may be able to meet your needs.

Please make an appointment online before coming in. Each 30 minute appointment block can be used for to print up to 100 inches on the long side of your poster. Please book additional blocks if needed for longer posters or multiple posters.

At the time of your appointment, come to the DDS on the top floor of the library. We will then print your poster for you while you are present. Please bring your files ready-to-print as PDFs, JPGs, or TIFFs. If you need assistance with exporting your file to one of these types, reach out to us via or through our virtual chat.

On July 1, 2022, we will charge $3.00 per square foot, regardless of paper type. This simpler-to-use system aligns with square foot pricing models used by other large-format printing service providers on campus, and allows us to keep up with rising costs more easily.

You can calculate the cost of poster printing in our new model using our handy calculator.

The price of printing at the DDS is based on the size of poster and paper used. Contact for pricing questions.

Are you a student printing for a conference or course and in need of financial assistance? Reach out to

Price chart

Note that we can print any size smaller than 44 inches by 600 inches; the following suggested sizes can give you a rough idea of what prices might be for alternate sizes. Please email us at for pricing questions.

18 inches by 24 inches (standard wall poster, medium)
Matte paper: $10.50 | Luster paper: $13.50

22 inches by 16.5 inches (standard conference poster ratio, half-size)
Matte paper: $10.50 | Luster paper: $13.50

24 inches by 36 inches (standard wall poster, large)
Matte paper: $14 | Luster paper: $18

44 inches by 33 inches (standard conference poster ratio, size fitted to printer width)
Matte paper: $21 | Luster paper: $27

48 inches by 36 inches (standard conference poster size)
Matte paper: $28 | Luster paper: $36


If you are paying for yourself:

  • If you have a Tufts ID, please sign up to access your JumboCash account and add JumboCash online. Note: Jumbocash should be added to general "all campus" dollars, not "printing" dollars.
  • If you do not have a Tufts ID, we have a guest JumboCash card you can load with a credit/debit card during your appointment. We cannot accept credit/debit directly or cash.

If a department/course is paying for your prints:

  • If your department or course already sent an Interdepartmental Requisition (IDR) to us via email at, please include the IDR request number when you make your appointment. The IDR request number will look something like KBURNH010824211200.
  • If your department has not set up an IDR for your print, we'll work with your department to fill one out. When you make your print request, you'll need to provide the email address of someone from the department who can authorize the payment. We'll email them to coordinate the IDR.
  • Note that if you plan to pay by IDR, but we have not sorted out the IDR with your department, you will not be able to print during your appointment.

If you are an administrator looking to set up an IDR for payment for your department:

  • To cover the costs of printing, you can send an Interdepartmental Requisition (IDR) to us via email at For the IDR we'll need an address, account number, and authorizing signature; after all print appointments have been made or the semester has passed, we'll sign the IDR and send it to TSS for processing, CCing the requesting department's contact for their records.
  • The same IDR can be used for multiple appointments, e.g. multiple students in a course or conference attendees, and can even be left active with us for the whole semester. While not required, you can include a list of people whose prints will be paid for with the IDR, or specify how much time we should leave the IDR open for before submitting it to TSS.
  • It can be helpful for us if you advise the people making print appointments covered by the IDR to include the IDR number or the IDR authorizer's name and email.