How to print

Printers at Tisch and Lilly only accept JumboCash. If it's your first time printing, make sure to swipe your Tufts ID at the print release station before printing. This activates your JumboCash account.

From a library computer workstation

  • Once you select the number of copies or other print settings from the print window, click "OK."
  • Enter your name (or Tufts username), and a name for the document.
  • Go to one of the black & white printers or to the color printer, depending on what you chose, and swipe your Tufts ID or your guest print card to pay using JumboCash. 
  • In the options that appear, find your name and/or the name of the document you are printing.
  • If you are ready to print and have the cost deducted from your card, click "Next" or "Enter.”

Once you have sent a document to the printer, you have six hours to print it before it is deleted from the print queue.

From a laptop or smart phone

There are a number of options to print from a laptop or smart phone.

  • Access JumboPrint online with your Tufts username and password. You can upload print jobs online and release them from any JumboPrint location.
  • Attach files you want to print to an email message and send to or Emailed print jobs can be released from any JumboPrint location.
  • You can add the JumboPrint application to your Windows or Mac computer and use it the same way you would with a personal or office printer. Select either Tufts_Bw or Tufts_Color when printing documents, and then retrieve your print job from any JumboPrint location.
  • Download and install the free Pharos app for Android or iPhone/iPad to print from your mobile device. Use the following settings when prompted by the app:
    • Server address:
    • Port: 443