User Experience & Student Success

The User Experience & Student Success department is committed to creating better experiences for everyone who uses Tisch Library and its branches. In service of the library's mission, we collaborate with library staff members, departments, and our patrons to improve the user experience across services, collections, spaces, and our web presence. 

Our work is multifaceted and includes providing leadership and best practices in areas such as: outreach and orientation initiatives; support for transfer, first-generation, and traditionally underrepresented students; assessment and user research methods; online learning; and the design and delivery of the first-year library instruction program.

Get in touch with us about:

  • Teaching and research for the First-Year Writing Program
  • Library partnerships focused on outreach, engagement, and other user-centered initiatives
  • Online teaching and learning
  • Assessment projects and research methods
  • User-centered design and accessibility of the library's collections, services, spaces, or systems