Web archiving at Tisch

Tisch Library has a small web archiving program to capture websites that build on existing Tisch Library collection strengths and complement research and teaching taking place at Tufts. We use the Archive-It service.

What is web archiving?

Web archiving creates a copy of a website at a particular moment in time. An archived webpage can be interacted with like it existed at the moment in time it was captured, regardless of if the page changes or disappears in the future.

Web archives are curated collections of these archived sites, usually built on a specific topic or theme. They ensure that future readers, researchers, practitioners, and historians will have access to the information on the websites, which often isn't available anywhere else.

Web archives at Tisch

Visit Tisch Library web archive collections at Archive-It using the links below. Once you're in the collection, you can browse by site, or search by keyword.

The Environmental Justice collection contains websites, media, blogs, and social media feeds of citizen groups and organizations that deal with environmental justice issues. The collection focuses primarily on the United States, with an emphasis on the Boston area and the Northeast. In addition to sites covering environmental justice issues broadly, the collection contains topical subgroups focused on the City of Boston & Greater Boston; indigenous peoples; housing & urban issues; women; food justice; and water justice.

The Circus History collection features websites focused on the history and cultural significance of the circus, including specific circuses, notable figures in circus history, circus-related organizations, and collections of circus-related materials.

The Scholarly digital publishing projects collection features websites created by Tufts University faculty in the School of Arts & Sciences or School of Engineering that are examples of digital scholarly publishing. These sites make available original research, digital tools, educational objects, or other content that isn’t available in another form.