Tufts Digital Library

The Tufts Digital Library (TDL) is a place to explore Tufts' research, teaching, and unique collections online. It is an open library with most collections available to the world.

Visit the TDL to find

  • theses and dissertations from masters and PhD students
  • senior honors theses
  • open access versions of publications by Tufts faculty, students, and staff
  • student projects
  • subject-based collections built by Tufts researchers
  • working papers, reports, and publications from research groups
  • digitized books & manuscripts
  • teaching materials
  • archival collections & photos
  • student publications
  • and more!

Contribute your work to the TDL

The TDL offers convenient and stable long-term storage and increased access and visibility for scholarship. Benefits to Tufts faculty, students, staff, and researchers include:

  • Increased scholarly impact due to work being more widely available to all readers, regardless of their access to subscription resources
  • The ability to deposit a wide range of material that would not otherwise be formally published or available, such as conference papers, posters, working papers, and teaching materials
  • Inclusion in Google & Google Scholar search results
  • permanent URL to cite your work, avoiding broken links
  • The convenience of not having to host & maintain content on your personal site or your department’s site

What to contribute

All Tufts-affiliated faculty, researchers, staff, and students are eligible to deposit scholarship in the TDL. You can deposit a wide range of published and unpublished content. Visit our FAQ for more information.

You may only submit original work to which you hold copyright, or have permission to submit, and that to the best of your knowledge does not infringe upon anyone’s copyright, trademark, or other lawful intellectual property right.

How to contribute

Files can be uploaded to the TDL in pdf format via our online deposit form. Depositors will review and click through the Tufts Digital Library deposit license. The submission will be processed by our staff and you'll be notified when it's available in the TDL.

If you have a large number of files, files in a format other than pdf, or would like any assistance with the deposit process, please contact us.

DOI services

Selected material in the TDL may be assigned a DOI by request (for example, reports written by a Tufts research group, or an open textbook authored by a Tufts faculty member). Find out more about eligible material and how to request a DOI.

Contact us

Contact Andrea Schuler with any questions. You can also visit our FAQ for more information about copyright and what types of work to deposit.