Call numbers

About call numbers

Library of Congress call numbers are the standard classification scheme used by University libraries to organize physical books in libraries. Call numbers consist of a combination of letters and numbers that tell you the subject of a particular book and act as the book's "address" on the shelf. All books in Tisch Library are arranged alphanumerically by call number.

Using call numbers to find a book in Tisch Library

  1. Use JumboSearch to look up a book book by title or keyword.
  2. If Tisch Library has a print copy of the book located in the library, you will see several pieces of information that let you know where to find the book.​​​​ (pictured below):
    Details for locating a print book found via JumboSearch
  • "Available at Tisch Library" - means that the book is currently available to be checked out of the library.
  • Book Stacks - tells you where in the library the book is located. Most of our materials can be found in the Tisch "Book Stacks," located on Level 1 of the library.
  • The call number, in this case, HD733 .A3 R445 2013, is the book's "address" on the shelf. All of our books are arranged alphanumerically, according to their call number.