Books & ebooks

Finding books

To discover if we have a book at Tisch Library, use the JumboSearch Box in the center of the Tisch homepage. Use JumboSearch to locate print books located in the library as well as ebooks that we have access to.

  1. Enter any keywords that relate to your topic, or the title of a specific book, into the JumboSearch box.
    Search box in JumboSearch

  2. You will likely see many kinds of materials in your results list. Selecting "Books" under "Resource Type" on the left side of the page will limit your results to books only.
    Limiting results to books only in JumboSearch
  3. Click on a title in the results list to see what version(s) of the book we have, and where to locate them.
    Multiple versions of a book
  4. After clicking on the title, you can see in the example below that this book is available as a print book and as an ebook:
    print book and ebook listed in JumboSearch
  • To find a print book in the library, use the call number and the location given. Most books in Tisch are found on Level 1 (one level down from the main entrance).
  • To access the ebook, click on the "Online access" link to be taken to the book. Note that you will be asked to sign in using your Tufts ID/password if you are not connected to the Tufts_Secure network on campus.

If you can't find the book you're looking for

  • If you don't see your book in the list of results, try adding the author's last name to narrow the search.
  • For books that we don't have at Tufts, or that are already checked out, place an Interlibrary Loan request and we'll request it from another library for you.
  • Recommend that Tisch purchase a copy of the book.

Leisure reading collection

Did you know that Tisch Library has a leisure reading collection that includes popular fiction and nonfiction titles? Find new arrivals on display on Level 2 in the hall on the way to the Tower Cafe! 

If you have a book suggestion for us, feel free to recommend that Tisch purchase a copy.