About film at Tisch

How do I find films?

You can find films using the film search form above.

  • If you know the film you're looking for, search by title, director, or producer.  
  • You can use Advanced Search to narrow and expand your search. Click the radio button next to "Library Catalog," and select "Audio Visual" from the dropdown menu under "Material Type."
  • DVDs are browsable on the 2nd floor.
  • You can check out filming equipment from the circulation desk.
  • See the Digital Design Studio for video production support.

How do I find streaming films?

The library subscribes to many streaming video on-demand resources:

We also have some streaming video resources in the Tufts Digital Library, and Tufts sports are streamed live and archived by JumboCast.

For more information, see our Film and Animation research guides.

How do I find a film that was assigned for my course?

Most films on reserve are streamed via your course's Trunk site. If your instructor indicates that the DVD is on reserve in the library, ask for it at the front desk.

For Faculty

Not sure what you want to watch?

Get ideas from IMDB, the Criterion Collection, the BFI, Rotten Tomatoes, or the AV Club's New Cult Canon.


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