Digital Initiatives

The Digital Initiatives department is working to create conditions for radical access to the digital objects, research data, and metadata stewarded by Tisch Library. We put our energy into making our collections as discoverable and usable as possible and sit firmly at the intersection of linked data and digital scholarship.

Our team maintains close connection between our repositories by ensuring that digital content and associated metadata is standards-based, interoperable, discoverable and usable. This is informed by long-accepted concepts from content standards, and theoretical works important to developing new ways of description and discovery. We also support the Tufts University Libraries and the larger Tufts community by providing guidance on digital projects. These include digitization of materials, long-term storage of electronic files stewarded by Tisch Library, stewardship of research data, digital exhibit services, and other activities as needed. 

Because we seek to meet the challenge of being both student-centered and research-focused, the Digital Initiatives team leads Tisch Library in innovative projects to enhance the development of the Tufts Digital Library, and other creative ways of exposing content. In prioritizing access to the information resources we support, we also partner with our colleagues in DCA and Collections in increasing the ease of exploring our digital collections. It is our hope that the collaborative work we do will help address the barriers that limit access to the content we steward. 

The following services are available through the Digital Initiatives department:

  • Ingest and Long-Term Storage of Files Contributed to Tufts Digital Library
  • Electronic Theses and Dissertations
  • On-Demand Digitization
  • Open Access Policy Submissions
  • Innovative Online Instruction and Learning for Visual Content
  • Exhibits