Problems with Zotero Connector

Posted: Mon, Feb 13th 2023

If you use the Zotero Connector extension in your web browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, etc.), you may be experiencing problems connecting to library resources. We have identified an issue with older versions of the Connector that can interfere with the University's access to electronic resources. 

To ensure that you don’t experience any difficulty accessing our online resources, you should be sure to upgrade your Connector as well as check for the newest version of Zotero. While Zotero should update itself automatically by default, you might want to go to the Zotero help menu in your Zotero desktop app and select “Check for Updates” to check for updates manually.

And remember, you can always manually install a new version of Zotero over your existing version without losing any data that you have saved. So be sure to update Zotero!

Image of Zotero's Z logo