Congratulations to our Fall 2021 Open Educational Resources (OER) Award Recipient

We are pleased to announce the recipient of the Fall 2021 Tisch Library Open Educational Resources (OER) AwardCongratulations to Katherine Wang A22! Katherine is teaching an ExCollege Explorations course "Justice is the Best Medicine: Reimagining Healthcare and the Medical Industrial Complex."

The award program provides financial support for faculty & instructors in the Schools of Arts, Sciences & Engineering who are interested in adopting or creating no or low-cost course materials for their classes. It encourages cost savings for students and aims to contribute reusable learning objects created at Tufts to the larger scholarly community. By facilitating the use & creation of open material, it aims to create more equitable access to learning and enable inclusion of diverse perspectives and experiences that may be absent from existing textbooks or literature.

We are currently accepting applications on a rolling basis from faculty & instructions who are adopting or creating open course material for Fall 2021 or Spring 2022 courses.

Awarded project:

Katherine Wang, Experimental College

Course: EXP-0050-J: Justice is the Best Medicine: Reimagining Healthcare and the Medical Industrial Complex


A no-cost open course that provides a wide-ranging overview of the medical industrial complex (MIC). The course will incorporate sources such as online articles (by journalists, community members/activists), YouTube videos, Instagram posts, policy briefs and reports, podcast episodes, and documentaries (accessible via the library). Through the class, students will form answers to the questions:

  • What is the medical industrial complex? What are its goals and mechanisms?
  • What is the role of racism, heteropatriarchy, and ableism in US healthcare?
  • How are people resisting and reimagining healthcare?

The course material, including syllabus, lesson plans, and assignments, will be submitted to the library as a toolkit so that other instructors may incorporate these topics into their teaching in the future.

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