Announcing New Graduate Student Data Awards

We are excited to announce the Tisch Library Graduate Data Research Fund program, which will provide financial support for graduate students in the Schools of Arts, Sciences & Engineering who are interested in purchasing research data for use in their projects. It is intended to provide one-time grants to support the purchase or licensing of data necessary to a substantial research project conducted by graduate students in AS&E. Awards will likely be in the $500–750 range. 

Priority applications for the Fall 2021 semester are due by Friday, October 15th. Find out more and apply! 

Applicants will be asked to describe their project and data needs in a short application, then will be asked to conduct a reference interview with the chair of the award committee (Ari Gofman) and their liaison librarian. Afterwards, library staff will work with the data vendor to make the data available to the Tufts community, if possible, although proprietary data is also eligible for the award. The awardee will commit to posting the final project on the Tufts Digital Library, as well as the code, codebook, and other data-related products as allowed by licensing. 

Do you need to buy data for your graduate research? Tisch Library is offering awards for AS&E graduate students who need to purchase access too proprietary data for a significant research project. For more information or to apply visit Submit your application on or before Friday Oct 15th.