This lightbox is a Porta-Trace / Gagne model measuring 16 x 18" and features LED modules for clear viewing of transparencies, film, and other translucent materials. This model incorporates a tilting device for angled viewing, features a carry handle for transporting, and a 6'-long three-prong grounded cord supports 100-240 VAC power.

This item can only be requested in person.

  • Porta-Trace / Gagne 1618 Stainless Steel LED Light Box (16 x 18")

Tufts ID holders can check out media equipment:

  1. At the front desk, no advance reservation required. You can stop by the front circulation desk located on the third floor B-side of 230 the Fenway, Boston and ask to check out specific equipment. The default loan period for equipment varies. Once equipment leaves the library, the borrower is responsible for all items listed on the contents tag.


We prefer that SMFA Library equipment to be returned to the SMFA Library Circulation Desk, but they can also be returned at the Tisch Library Information and Circulation Desk, and the Music Library service desk.

Conditions of Use

If you are unclear about how to use a piece of equipment, please don't hesitate to reach out to with the subject SMFA Lib Equipment to schedule a time to review best practices.   

  • Handle the equipment carefully.  Do not use equipment in the rain or place items in sand/dirt environments
  • Never leave the equipment unattended!  
  • All equipment should be returned in the condition it was received.
  • All equipment must be returned to a staff member at SMFA Library Circulation Desk, Tisch Circulation Desk, or Lilly Music Circulation Desk, not through the book drop.  
  • Patron who checked out the equipment must be present for the entire return process to allow staff the opportunity to bring attention to any missing components.
  • Tufts University is not responsible for any files left or lost on media equipment or damage of the user’s files during the loan period.  Any files saved on media equipment is removed when the equipment is returned and cannot be recovered.

Damage, loss or theft

  • Equipment borrower assumes full responsibility for damage, loss or theft.
  • If an item is damaged, lost or stolen, please contact us at or with the words SMFA Lib Equipment in the subject as soon as damage occurs.  If any component of an item is returned damaged a staff member will reach out to you to discuss appropriate actions. You must file a report with TUPD and present to Tisch Library Staff and/or schedule a meeting with Tisch library staff if equipment loaned to you is stolen.

If you have questions about the equipment, please email us at or , or call us at 617-627-0080.