Learn This Fast: Intro to Audio Recording and Editing

Not sure what audio recording equipment is available to you through Tisch Library?  Wondering what the differences are between microphones?


In this workshop we will review the various microphones available and discuss what microphones work best in various scenarios. Through a hands on activity you will learn audio recording and editing strategies useful when creating podcasts, interviews, field recordings or film narration. Music recording will not be covered. We will use the H5 Audio Recording Kit and Garageband but skills are translatable to other recording devices and software. We will cover basic media management, recording techniques, starting a new project, editing techniques, and saving. We hope by the end of this workshop you will feel empowered to check out media equipment and know more about resources available to support you during your next project.


This workshop will be taught by DDS Student Workers.


Tisch Digital Design Studio (DDS)

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