Introduction to Data-Intensive Empirical Research (7 Session course)


Course description 

This course provides the basics of empirical research for undergraduate or graduate students in any field of studies. The students will learn about the scientific process, scientific writing, and will also have a practical capstone which they can use to start their own research projects. Each module features a theoretical background and a hands-on activity. When participating in the activities, students have the opportunity to reflect on their research interests and receive feedback from the instructor and their peers. This course has no specific prerequisites and all work will be done in class! By the end of the course, students will be able to design a simple empirical research project, grasp the fundamentals of scientific writing and integrity, and perform basic data analysis.

Instructors: DISC Director Abani Patra & DISC Post-Doc Andreia Martinho



This course will be held:

Session 1 (1hr): 01/12 3PM  - Scientific Process, Integrity, Research Questions

Session 2 (2hrs): 01/13  1PM - Quantitative & Qualitative Research Methods, Systematic Literature Review, and Meta-Analysis

Session 3 (1hr): 01/19 3PM - Scientific Writing

Session 4 (2hr): 01/20  1PM - Data Analysis

Session 5 (1hr): 01/26  3PM - Data Analysis

Session 6 (2hr): 01/27  1PM - Capstone Project

Session 7 (1hr): 01/31 3PM - Feedback session

Location: TBD



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Abani Patra & Andreia Martinho