QGIS: An Open Source GIS Solution

GIS is becoming an increasingly important tool in many fields. Proprietary GIS software (software that cannot be freely shared or modified) is usually very expensive and we need to be prepared to have an alternative — software that is free of cost and free in a social sense - to collect, compile, manage and perform analysis. This course can be considered a gentle introduction to QGIS, an open-source geographic information system. During the course, we will also do a hands-on activity that includes:

  • Adding GIS data to QGIS –including shapefiles and excel data using Lat/Longs
  • How to symbologize (stylize) the data appropriately
  • How to use tools such as Select by Expression, Buffers, Clip.
  • How to create a final map composition including all necessary map elements.

This course is designed for any student, faculty or staff who wants to learn about the different GIS platforms.


Tisch Library, Data Lab, Room 203

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Marcia Moreno-Baez