Introduction to LabArchives Digital Research Notebook

Ideal for replacement of paper notebooks, a LabArchives Digital Notebook can be used to document ideas, notes, research, experiments, and procedures. They are designed for intuitive use, ease of search, copying and versioning. They support collaboration with many users and includes access controls. In this workshop you will be provided an overview of the LabArchives Digital Research Notebooks. For new users that need help with the basics or current users that need a refresher on how to create notebooks, add and manage your data, notebook access controls, collaboration tools, and export options. We will go over the feature tools and show you the benefits of moving from a paper to a Digital Notebook.

ATTENTION: Please request access to Tufts LabArchives ( 24 hours or more before workshop.

Dates: Thursdays at 10AM-11AM from 09/15/2022 to 12/29/2022
Location: Online via Zoom
Instructor: LabArchives Instructor

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