StoryMaps: A Web Publishing App you Need to Know!

Sick of using only Microsoft Word to write papers or PowerPoint to make presentations? Want people to actually see your thesis or capstone after you've left school and have it published online!? Esri Story Maps are web applications that let authors combine beautiful, interactive maps with narrative text, striking images, charts and graphs and multimedia including video and recordings. Impress your professors, bosses or friends with these attractive and easy to use applications while bringing your story to life. Make them accessible online for all to see well after you've left Tufts! Story maps can be embedded in web pages and truly up your project game!

No GIS or web-development experience required. Software doesn't need to be installed ahead of time. We will use ESRI storymaps, which we will access through the following Tufts Organization account:

This workshop is being offered remotely. 



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Carolyn Talmadge