New in the Tufts Digital Library: An E-Book to Thrive at a PWI: 8 Key Factors

A new faculty publication is now available in the Tufts Digital Library (TDL): An E-Book to Thrive at a PWI: 8 Key Factors by Marista Barros, lecturer in the Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Justice Leadership program.

Read and download An E-Book to Thrive at a PWI from the TDL.

From the book's summary:

This e-book is about not just "surviving" but rather thriving at a predominately white institution (PWI) as a black, indigenous, person of color (BIPOC) identifying individual. In addition to being a woman of color, coming from a low-income background, who’s among one of the first to go to college in her family; Dr. Maritsa Barros offers a lived experience from a student perspective as well as a professional lens on PWIs throughout her career focused on administrative equity and inclusion at public and private universities over time. Dr. Maritsa Barros brings a unique and fresh perspective on making the most of one’s educational experience in higher education with the understanding that PWIs were not built with “us” in mind. Eight key factors are highlighted as best practices for current and prospective college students of all identities and backgrounds but especially for students who have been minoritized by societal major statuses.