New Collection: Washington Post Web Access

Washington Post website and app

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Washington Post

Tufts University students, faculty, and staff have long had text access to Washington Post articles. We now have complete access to the web version for day-to-day browsing and reading.

Collection in action:

Democracy dies in darkness. And "there should be real concerns about 'information inequality' if all important journalism moves behind paywalls and becomes inaccessible to broad segments of the public (David Chavern, "Five myths about the news business," Washington Post, Dec. 3, 2020).

The Washington Post previously offered free web access to anyone with a .edu, .gov, or .mil email address. At the end of 2017 they dropped the option for .edu addresses. This meant for the last three years, the Tufts community relied on text-only access to articles through the library databases, print copies, or personal subscriptions.

With this new web access, the Washington Post joins several full web subscriptions provided by Tisch Library to help the community browse and bypass paywalls to read the news, including:

We also provide current and historical access to many other news publications, including the recently acquired American Indian Newspapers collection. Start at the News Sources Guide, or speak with a librarian and we will be happy to help you find the best path to full text.

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