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ACM Digital Library

Tufts authors can now make their articles published through ACM freely available to all (open access) without any cost to the author.

New agreement in action:

The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) is one of the most important publishers in computer science and related fields. Every year, Tufts researchers publish papers in ACM publications describing their research. The Tufts community can read these papers, and everything else published by ACM, thanks to our existing subscription to the ACM Digital Library. But if the author wanted their paper to be freely available to everyone, they previously had to pay a fee ranging from $900 to $1,700. Such fees are typical in academic publishing, but it can be difficult for researchers to find the money in their budget, leading many authors to accept restricted access even though they would prefer open access.

Tufts and Tisch Libraries have a strong commitment to supporting open access, the idea that scholarly articles should be freely available to everyone, without paywalls. As part of this commitment, Tufts has signed a transformative open access agreement with ACM. Under this new agreement, the Tufts community will continue to have access to all ACM publications, and Tufts corresponding authors publishing in ACM journals, proceedings, and magazines can make their articles open access at no cost to the author, ensuring that Tufts research will reach the widest possible audience.

The agreement is a step in the transition towards ACM’s stated commitment to a future where all scholarly articles in ACM publications are open access. Thanks to this agreement, at least five ACM articles with Tufts authors have been made open access since the beginning of the year, when the agreement went into effect.

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