Exhibits at Lilly Music Library

Exhibits curated at the Lilly Music Library are listed below:


  • Who Gets to be Heard? Repertoire Diversity in Boston-Area University Ensembles (view in person at library or via link)
    • This exhibit aims to raise awareness of the problematic nature of the Western art music canon; provide data on the current state of affairs in repertoire selection among a sample of Boston-area university ensembles; and offer suggestions for how to move forward with repertoire selection and interrogate, stretch, and reimagine the existing canon in more equitable ways.
    • Curated by Jordan Good, AG24 (Department of Music) and DEIJ & Collections Resident at Lilly Music Library.



  • Redefining Modernity: Musical Resistance to Settler Colonialism
    • Artists who interweave elements of modernity and tradition, asserting Indigenous rights to land, community, and shared cultural practice from the late 20th century until the present are highlighted. Common threads emerge from these varied cultural traditions, creating connections across temporal and spatial boundaries.
    • Curated by Audrey Ashbrook, A24 (Department of Studies in Race, Colonialism, and Diaspora) and DEIJ & Collections Resident at Lilly Music Library.


  • Diverse Voices in Music
    • Featuring six composers and their works, including: Andy Akiho, T.J. Anderson, Reena Esmail, Dorothy Rudd Moore, Johanny Navarro, and Carlos Simon. A selection of  these composers compositions are available in the music library collection.
    • Researchers: Elayne W. Chen, Eliza R. Dickson, Phillip G. Wright (Lilly Music Library student staff).