Exhibition - Ukraine: Connected Histories & Vibrant Cultures

Images of Icon of Boris and Gleb, Kolti, St. Sophia, Jewel, and Manuscript.
(Left to right) Icon of Boris and Gleb, Kolti, St. Sophia, Jewel, and Manuscript.

The territory of modern Ukraine was once part of the largest kingdom of medieval Europe, known as Kyivan Rus. The heart of that early medieval kingdom – the city of Kyiv – is today the capital of Ukraine. It features impressive monuments, as well as remarkable collections and archives that are endangered by Russia’s ongoing war in Ukraine. 

This exhibition highlights aspects of the early history and cultural heritage of Kyivan Rus, demonstrating how expansive, well-connected, and diverse this region of Eastern Europe was during the medieval and early modern periods. Moreover, the exhibition addresses later transformations and manipulations of the historical and material record in order to advance certain narratives, especially during the Soviet era, and current efforts to document, study, and preserve the history and heritage of Ukraine. 

The main exhibition will be up through Fall 2023. You can also view the content online at https://sites.tufts.edu/ukraine/.

Co-organizers: Alice Isabella Sullivan (History of Art and Architecture), Anna Kijas (Lilly Music Library), Francesca Bisi (MA 2023), Rileigh K. Clarke (MA 2023), Emmi Farrell (MA 2023), Jillian Lepek (MA 2023), Artem Dinh (2023), Charlie Kong (2024), Defne Ulusoy (2024), Kate Shymkiv (2026), W. Miles Donovan (Tisch Library)

Co-sponsors: Office of the Deans, Tisch Library, Lilly Music Library, Department of the History of Art and Architecture, Department of English, Department of History, Department of Political Science, International Relations Program, and Global Tufts Month.

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