Exhibition by Tufts Eco Reps and Eco Art Club

Wed, Nov 30th 2022 - Thu, Dec 22nd 2022
Tisch Library lobby

This artistic piece is a representation of the Mystic River Watershed created by the Tufts Eco Reps and Eco Art Club. It aims to express to students why their actions are
essential in preserving the cleanliness of the river since Tufts is located in the heart of the Mystic River Watershed. The surrounding areas in red represent hazardous places where the health of the river is low while blue represents the clean areas. As the watershed has become more populated over time, the river has changed from flourishing with herring to being dammed and often used as a dumping ground for dangerous chemicals. There are now efforts to clear up the Mystic River watershed, yet it is the most urbanized watershed in New England, so we all need to work together and protect the area that surrounds Tufts.

The Mystic River Watershed Association (MyRWA) is an example of a group fighting for clean water and environmental justice. Ways that MyRWA is working to reduce this pollution is by creating stormwater wetlands and green infrastructure to help reduce runoff. MyRWA also works to spread the word about simple everyday actions you
can take to minimize pollution entering our waterways. Student action affects the health of the watershed, so it is important for us to spread knowledge about common pollutants and ways people can help the Mystic River. We encourage everyone to go engage with this art piece and learn more about the Mystic River Watershed.

- Tufts Eco Reps and Eco Art

Artwork from Tufts Eco Reps