Thu, Aug 24th 2023 - Mon, Aug 26th 2024
Hirsh Reading Room (Tisch 225)

Concinnitas is the title of a portfolio of fine art prints, published by Bob Feldman of Parasol Press in collaboration with the Yale University Art Gallery and Bernard Jacobson Gallery and curated by Dan Rockmore; executed by the fine print printshop Harlan & Weaver, Inc. It is a collection of ten aquatints produced from the contributions of ten mathematicians and physicists in response to the prompt to transcribe their “most beautiful mathematical expression.” The portfolio draws its name from a word famously used by the Renaissance scholar, artist, architect, and philosopher Leon Battista Alberti (1404-1472) to connote the balance of number, outline, and position (in essence, number geometry, and topology) that he believed characterize a beautiful work of art.

Curated by

Tufts University Art Galleries