About Tisch Library

"Tufts is a student-centered research university dedicated to the creation and application of knowledge" -- Tufts University Mission Statement, 2013

Tisch Library and its branches - the Lilly Music Library and the W. Van Alan Clark, Jr. Library at the SMFA -- embrace Tufts University's mission wholeheartedly. The goals below provide a framework to more effectively integrate library support into the university's pursuit of its mission.

 Tisch Library's goals include enabling deeper learning, facilitating scholarship, investing in people, and creating inspiring spaces

To meet the challenge of being both student-centered and research-focused, we are committed to these priorities:

  • Lead the university by integrating opportunities for the development of critical information skills across the student experience
  • Provide resources and guidance for learning and student scholarship
  • Collaborate with the other Tufts libraries to deliver resources and services to support the faculty's research agenda

The staff of Tisch Library and its branches value community, curiosity and learning, openness, and social justice

Full Strategic Framework 2019

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