High Performance Computing for Life Sciences

High Performance Computing for Life Sciences July 20-21, 2-4pm each day

This introductory 2-day hybrid workshop will cover the basics of using the Tufts High Performance Compute Cluster (HPC) to manipulate Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data. The first day will introduce users to Linux commands and how to use Slurm job scheduler to run and monitor jobs on the HPC. The second day will cover downloading, performing quality control, aligning and viewing Next Generation Sequencing data. This workshop is for any student, staff or faculty that wants to learn about Bioinformatics.   This workshop is open to the Tufts community and appropriate for anyone who would like to work on the Tufts HPC Cluster, no prior experience is required. 

This workshop is sponsored by DISC and Research Technology. The presenters are:

  • Rebecca Batorsky (DISC - Senior Data Scientist)
  • Adelaide Rhodes (TTS - Senior Bioinformatics Scientist)
  • Jason Laird (TTS - Bioinformatics Scientist)
  • Delilah Maloney (TTS - HPC Specialist)

**All attendees will be given an HPC cluster account. In order to allow time for account creation, workshop registration will close two days in advance.** 

Please email tts-research@tufts.edu with questions about this workshop.

Day 1: Intro to HPC computing 

  1. Intro to Linux (1 hour)
  2. Intro to Slurm (1 hour)

Day 2: Intro to HPC Bioinformatics 

  1. Analyzing publicly available Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Data (1 hour)
  2. Aligning and viewing NGS reads (1 hour)

To join this workshop in person, go to: Hirsh Library Big Data Lab Room 514

Zoom link/ location will be sent upon registration.

Hirsh Library 514
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Jason Laird (TTS - Bioinformatics Scientist), Delilah Maloney (TTS - HPC Specialist), Rebecca Batorsky (DISC - Senior Data Scientist), Adelaide Rhodes (TTS - Senior Bioinformatics Scientist)