Copyright and fair use services

We offer a variety of services to help navigate copyright & fair use questions. Contact Andrea Schuler with any questions or to schedule a consultation or workshop.


We can help you answer questions about using others’ work in your coursework, research, and teaching, or about your rights to your own work.


We can offer custom workshops about copyright, licensing, and using openly-licensed media tailored to a class assignment, or for the needs of your department, lab, or organization.


Read more about copyright from the Tufts Scholarly Communications Team.

Fair use

If you’d like to incorporate images, text, video, or other material created by someone else in your work without requesting permission, you should consider a four factor fair use analysis. Read more about the four factors, or use the handy Fair Use Checklist from Columbia.

Licensing and permissions

Visit our Scholarly Publishing guide for more information about using Creative Commons licenses and finding openly licensed media, or seeking permission to use someone else's work.

Copyright to your work

For questions about copyright to your work created as a Tufts faculty member, student, or staff member, visit the Tufts Policy on Rights and Responsibilities with Respect to Intellectual Property.

Copyright & thesis or dissertation writers

Find answers to questions about copyright, embargoes, using your published material in your thesis and more in Scholarly Communication@Tufts' FAQ for Dissertation and Thesis writers.

Online teaching

If you’re teaching online this semester, the TEACH Act provides guidelines for using copyrighted material in your course. Read more about the TEACH Act, or use the Teach Act Checklist from the University of Texas to see if your use falls under the Act.