How do I find films?

You can find films using the film search form above. You can also now browse DVDs on the 2nd floor of the library, by the public computers.

  • If you know the film you're looking for, search by title, director, or producer. 
  • To browse online, try limiting your search on the Advanced Keyword search screen by selecting DVD from the Material Type dropdown menu. 
  • You can also browse DVDs in the library - DVDs are now shelved on the main floor of the library, by the public computers. 
  • Check DVDs out from the main circulation desk, including reserves. 

Can I stream any of the films?

If you're affiliated with Tufts you can stream film through our subscriptions to Kanopy or the film collections of Alexander Street Press. Additionally, your instructor may make a film available through Trunk, but they will inform you of the availability and link.

DVDs are browsable on the 2nd floor, and you can checkout film equipment from the circulation desk. (For those of you used to the Media Center - we've moved our experts and resources to other places in the library. See the Digital Design Studio for video production. It's also where our film expert, Richard Fleischer, now resides.

Looking for a film that's been put on reserve? Ask at the front desk (main circulation desk) for all reserves, including film.