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Circulating Collections

The SMFA Library's circulating book collection is primarily focused on art made since 1960, with an emphasis on image-rich exhibition catalogs, artist monographs, and theoretical texts. For information on accessing the circulating collection see Borrowing from the SMFA Library.

The SMFA Library's browsable DVD collection includes art documentaries, experimental film and animation, and classic feature films. The collection supplements the streaming content available through Kanopy

Non-circulating/Special Collections 

Print Periodicals
The SMFA Library subscribes to dozens of print periodicals on a range of art and cultural topics. This browsable collection is in-library use only.

Artists' Books
Our artists' book collection showcases a wide range of binding types and conceptual approaches to book-making. The collection is in-library use only, generally accessible Monday through Friday between 9 am and 5 pm. You may request access to the collection by stopping by the Library's front desk or contacting an SMFA Library staff member.

The SMFA Library collects zines created by SMFA students, faculty, and alums and by local artists. The collection is in-library use only and may be accessed any time during the SMFA Library's hours of operation. For more information, stop by the Library's front desk or contact an SMFA Library staff member.

We accept donations to our zine collection! If interested, get in touch.