Faculty Study Spaces


Faculty study spaces include 4 private studies, 4 carrels, and 3 table seats located on Level 1.  Six lockers are available, also.  Faculty study spaces are available on a semester basis.


AS&E teaching faculty, teaching emeriti, and faculty on sabbatical will be given preference for faculty study space.  Space permitting, AS&E special appointments, non-teaching emeriti, and visiting scholars may be assigned faculty study space.


Initial applications can be completed either in the Tisch Library Administration Office, Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm or online, beginning April 1, July 1, and November 1 for Summer, Fall, and Spring semesters, respectively.   Renewal of a faculty study space, if space is available, can be done either in person or online on the same dates as noted.

If a study space is no longer needed before the end of the assigned semester, please notify the Tisch Library Administration Office and make arrangements with staff to return your key.

All library materials retained in faculty study spaces and lockers must be circulating items that are properly checked out in the name of the study assignee.  Library materials that are not checked out or non-circulating materials will be removed and shelved.


WiFi is available in all faculty study areas, however, data connections are also available, if needed.


All private faculty studies have phone jacks that can be activated.  It is the responsibility of the assignee to contact Telecommunications for activation.  All telephone service charges are the responsibility of the assignee.  Problems with telephone service should be reported to Telecommunications.


The Administration Office will distribute keys to faculty study assignees.  Please report loss of a key promptly to the Admin Office in order to obtain a replacement key.  In the event of a forgotten key, please contact the Admin Office or Campus Police (if the Admin Office is not open). Faculty study assignees are responsible for charges incurred from Campus Police for unlocking a faculty study or from Facilities for replacing a lost key.


The Library is not responsible for the loss of or damage to personal belongings, including computer equipment, left in faculty study space or lockers.


In consideration to other faculty study assignees, please do not invite visitors to faculty study areas or offices.  Faculty study space and lockers are intended for use by assignees only.


The Library reserves the right to suspend faculty study privileges if a faculty member does not follow this policy.


Faculty studies and lockers must be emptied of all materials and keys returned to the Administration Office when vacating a faculty study.  Personal materials left in the faculty study areas or lockers after vacating the faculty study are not the responsibility of the Library and will be removed.

Use this form to apply for a Faculty Study space.


7:45am - 1:00am