Tufts Bikes

The Library, in parternship with the student group, Tufts Bikes, lends bikes to current Tufts students. The bikes can be checked out at the Library.

How do I check out a bike?

Go to the circulation desk, get your helmet and bike lock key.  Bikes 1-16 are located on the library patio and bikes 17-24 are on the Campus Center patio.

You must sign a waiver once a year in order to check out a bike.

How long can I check out a bike?

You can check out a bike for 8 hours. If the library is closed when the bike is due, return your bike in the morning.

Return your bike to its corresponding numbered slot, and return your key and helmet to the library.

We have helmets.

You can get one when you check out a bike. We require it.

Is there a place I can park my bike?

The bike you check out will have a parking spot outside the library or near the campus center.  Lock up your bike in the rack space that corresponds to the bike number. 

Other questions about bikes?

See our partner group, Tufts Bikes.

Circulation Desk


7:45am - 1:00am