Research consultations

Working with librarians can be key to academic success  and research consultations have risen dramatically in the last few years.  Whether 1:1 or as a small group/project team, these are opportunities to brainstorm topics, narrow and expand topics, identify resources, find information, and gain in-depth understanding of the scholarship of a discipline.  

Faculty are helping drive need for this support by ensuring students know who they can turn to, and in many cases, integrating research consultations into the life of a course: in some cases meeting with a librarian is strongly encouraged and in other cases it is required.

To integrate research consultations into your course, contact your librarian to get started. 

A critical question is when in the course of a semester the ideal time is for students to meet with their librarian, individually or in small groups, so that consultations happen when the need is greatest.  In some cases this is during the proposal-development stage, where topics are being identified and research questions developed along with an initial set of resources to draw from.  In other cases, consultations are encouraged/required later in the process, as a way of ensuring no major resources/seminal works have been missed and that topics stay on course and in scope for the requirements of the assignment.



Remote Research Support Hours