Teaching Support

How can we help students develop research skills for success at Tufts and beyond?  Tisch Library is here to help as you prepare to teach, design new courses, and explore different ways of engaging students in the research process.  Together, we can help guide students in their development as 21st Century scholars.  To support your teaching, we offer:

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Testimonials from past research workshops and consultations:

  • "Thank you! I learned a lot. The librarians at Tufts are the most pleasant people on campus! I appreciate your hard work & for you taking the time to help us in our research."
  • "This was great! The students seemed to have picked up a lot. I certainly expect to see a difference in their research for their final projects" - EOS 11 instructor
  • "I really appreciate the help provided by the librarians and the demonstration given in how to use the resources provided. It really makes research a lot easier!" - History 34 student
  • "I had no idea this was all available and so easy to use for my paper. This was well done all around in sharing the process with me." - English 1 student


7:45am - 10:00pm