Copyright, Fair Use & Open Access

Members of the Scholarly Communication Team and your subject librarians can help you figure out answers to some of the many questions (see below) we get about copyright and fair use, open access, and author’s rights.

Copyright and Fair Use

  • Can I use a song I bought on iTunes in my video essay?
  • Is it OK to upload an article I got from ILL to Trunk to share with the class?
  • I found this really great image online, can I use it on my website?

Open Access

  • I got an email asking me to publish in a new open access journal that I’ve never heard of. How can I tell it’s legitimate?
  • My lab doesn’t have funds to publish open access but we want our research to reach a wide audience. What can I do?
  • ProQuest is asking me to pay more to make my dissertation freely available to the world. Should I do that?

Author’s Rights

  • Can I put a copy of my published article on or ResearchGate?
  • This contract is giving me a headache. Can you help me understand what rights the author’s agreement is giving me?

Contribute Your Scholarship to the Tufts Digital Library

Many author’s agreements now allow you to deposit a pre-print or accepted manuscript version of an article into an institutional repository. To increase access & visibility for your work, consider contributing your published scholarship, along with unpublished content such as conference papers & working papers, to the Tufts Digital Library. Learn more here.

Scholarly Communication Team

The Scholarly Communication Team is made up of librarians and staff from across Tufts.

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