How to Create Links to Library Resources

These directions will allow students or colleagues to access links to library resources from on or off-campus.

Linking to Entire Books, Journals, or Databases

  1. Do a search for the resource in JumboSearch.
  2. Open the record.
  3. Right click and copy the blue link that follows the text "Resource available at:" or "Full text available at:".

Note: links in the library catalog don't need additional proxy information added to them. (Nor do links from our Database Finder @ Tufts and Research Guides).

Linking to Journal Articles and Book Chapters

If you are using an article or chapter listed in JumboSearch, follow the same steps as above.

If you are using an article or chapter not listed in JumboSearch:

  1. Find a permanent URL for your resource.
  2. Add this URL to the front of it:
  3. The resulting URL is a link you can use in Trunk or anywhere else you'd use a link.

Procedure For Publishers Who Use Digital Object Identifiers (DOI)

DOI is a standard format for permanent URLs which is increasingly popular in the sciences and social sciences. Many publishers provide their permanent links in this form. It adds one extra step to the process.

  1. Find the DOI. Most DOIs look something like this: 
  2. Add the DOI to the end of this URL: 
  3. Copy the combined URL:

Note: some vendors (like ScienceDirect) do all or part of this work for you. Check to see that the URL they're offering looks like step 3. If it doesn't, add what's needed.