For Visitors

How do I get to the Library?

We're a 20 minute walk from Davis Square. Paid parking is available on the Tufts campus. See directions for more info.

Can I use the Library?

You are welcome to use the library and access our resources from our public computers in the Library. However, when it comes to checking out books, it gets a bit more complicated.

Can I borrow a book or DVD?

Generally, our collection is reserved for Tufts students, faculty and staff, but we do have some special arrangements with groups in Boston. See options for borrowing below.

Options for borrowing:

See if you qualify for special types of  borrowers (for example, you can arrange to borrow from the library if you're a public school teacher in Medford or Somerville).

You may be able to use our library if you belong to another library that is in the Boston Library Consortium. Check with your local town or school library to find out.



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