Other Library Patrons

The Tisch Library is primarily a resource for Tufts University and its scholars. The building and collection are open to the public, however.

Can I use the library if I'm not a Tufts student or faculty/staff member?

Anyone is welcome to enter the building and use most of the collection on the premises (licensing agreements with some publishers may prevent us from opening up all of our resources to everyone).

If I'm not a current student or faculty/staff member, can I check out a book/film/CD?

Here is a list of some of the classifications we make about "other borrowers" - users who may still check out items from our library without being currently enrolled or employed by Tufts

Community Users

Unique Connections to Tufts

Alumnus and Retired


I'm not a current student or faculty/staff member. Can I use library services like interlibrary loan?

Check the links above for your description - the associated page will describe what services are available to you at the library. Or, contact us! We'd be happy to help you.


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